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The team consists of highly Experienced Building and Land Surveyors  dedicated to delivering exceptional results with high Accuracy and Precision. We strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service . We are here to assist you with your Domestic and Commercial projects.

Please contact us today we can help you achieve your goals in budget and on time.

Photograph of 26,000sq/ft Listed Commercial building Ardhowen Theatre in Enniskillen, showing 3d laser scanner used to collect the 3D point-cloud data.

3D - SCAN to BIM

We specialises in conducting high-precision 3D Laser Scanning Surveys for various clients, including architects, engineers, and private landlords.
With over 20 years of experience. our services cover Residential, Retail, and Commercial projects across the UK Mainland and Ireland, including Central London and Dublin.
The workflow is continually updating with the latest survey equipment in hardware and software, resulting in significant improvements and accuracy.
The company can provide deliverables in Revit or Sketchup for BIM 3D modelling, DWG for compatibility, depending on the client's scope requirements (contained in a BIM schedule with Level of Detail (LOD). From Pointcloud data we create a 3D model, with floor plans, elevations, and sections can be effortlessly created.
Additionally, the company can integrate underground utility survey data Ground probing Radar (GPR) and Topographical data incoporated into 3D model.
All consultants and shareholders can collaborate with the REVIT model includes architectural, M&E, structural, plumbing, and other aspects.
Photograph shows our surveyor beautiful sunny day with RTK GPS collecting existing features onsite on a large Streetscape Project in centre of Portrush for our Client Paul Hogarth

2D Measured Building Surveys & Topographical Surveys

High accuracy 2D Measured Building Surveys for over 30 years.

Using the latest technology to ensure that we record existing features in accordance with the guidelines set out in "Measured Surveys of Land Buildings and Utilities 3rd Edition".

Our clients portfolio includes many Education Boards, Top Retail brands, and High-End Residential clients in Central London, among others. We have also carried out Streetscape projects in various locations across the UK. Our team is dedicated to delivering quality results and ensuring client satisfaction.

Brief list of clients Portfolio.

Education: Belfast Education and library Board portfolio (37 Schools). Western Education and library Board (16 Schools). South Eastern Education and Library Board (55 Schools). North Eastern Education and Library Board (59 Schools). South West Regional Colleges (3 Sites). North West Institute Further Higher Education (10 Sites).

Retail: Zara / Massimo Dutti / Pull & Bear / Stradivarius & ASDA.

Residential: High End Residential (Central London) for Private Clients and Architects Ilchester Place / Hans Place / Queensgate / Baker Street / Cadogan Place/ Cheyne Walk / Cheyne Place / Eccleston Square / Howick Place / Worship Street / Inverness Mews / Draycott Place / Tregunter Road Including Daylight and Sunlight Reports (Architects - London)

Streetscapes: L/derry / Strabane / Newtownards Road / Portrush / Lisburn / Downpatrick / Gilnahirk / Carryduff / Larne.
Photograph was taken with our FLIR thermal imaging camera in a Mid-terrace property interwar period, showing the heat loss around a bay window.

Residential Pre Purchase Inspections

Our company has extensive experience in conducting Building Condition surveys for various types of constructions built from different periods ranging from Pre 1919, Interwar, 1945-65, 1966-1990 and post 1990 periods.

Using an Holistic Approach to carry out a Standard or Comprehensive Building Survey.

We use equipment such as Thermal Imager, Electronic Damp meter, wall probes, and Hygrometer (RH %) to aid diagnosis dependent on type of survey chosen by client..

Damp and Mould issues can cause significant problems and incur high costs if not managed correctly. Our team of experts can investigate and advise clients on how to manage such issues, possibly saving them thousands of pounds on correct solutions. We can also provide less expensive solutions to mitigate Damp and Mould issues, and a second opinion can save clients money.

Our team includes CSTDB Qualified Damp and Timber Expert who are well-equipped to handle any building survey requirements. We are committed to providing accurate and reliable services to our clients. Contact us for more information on our services.
Photograph shows Front facade Zara Belfast City centre (part of Inditex Group) we were instructed to carry out a detailed Measured Survey as part of demolition stage to indicate the structure and services for the design team to use.

Retail & Commercial

With more than two decades of experience, our company specialises in providing highly accurate and detailed 2D/3D measured surveys in Retail and Commercial sectors.

We utilize the latest technology to capture existing structures, services, and architectural elements, all tailored to meet our clients' specific requirements. Our work adheres to the guidelines set out in the "Measured Surveys of Land Buildings and Utilities 3rd Edition", ensuring that our surveys are of the highest quality. Trust us to deliver exceptional results for your next project. Clients: Zara, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti in Belfast and Dublin.
Photograph shows our surveyor using Total station instrument taking measurement of the important boundary features as part of Boundary Survey Report for a private off New Forge Lane. More complicated with number of neighbouring properties.

Boundary issues

Our company has been providing high accuracy Boundary Topo Surveys for over 20 years with a Holistic Approach. We gather initial desktop information prior to survey and use the latest technology to collate existing boundary features, including taking clear photographs. The captured data is post-processed to create an accurate survey map.

We compare this with the supplied Title Deeds Map (Root of Title, Deeds Transfer – Certified) to help identify the legal boundary with relative accuracy. Our final output is a scaled Survey drawing with legal mapping overlaid, including a report if required.

We can provide legal mapping in a format acceptable to Land Registry NI if needed.

Trust us to provide you with the best Boundary Topo Surveys, backed by our years of experience and expertise.

Planning Applications & Building Control Applications

The type of Planning and Building Control Applications we provide.

Change of Use (Use Classes Order 1987), Permitted Development, Householder Applications, Listed Building Consent, and Non-Material Change.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of service in these areas. Whether you are a homeowner, or business owner, we can assist you planning and building regulations.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help you achieve your goals.
2D 3D Measured Building Surveys Floor Roof Plans Elevations & Section Drawings
3D Laser Scanning Point Clouds RCP E57 RGB Structured
Topographical Surveys GPS Total station Utility Surveys
Area Measurement Surveys Nett Gross Internal Areas NIA GIA - IPMS
3D Modelling

Pre-purchase Building Condition Survey reports – Residential & Commercial

Damp and Timber Inspection Reports (trained Property Care Association) CSTDB

Damp and Condensation diagnosis and Air Quality Inspections

Architectural Design – Planning & Building Control Stages

Daylight & Sunlight Reports for Planning purposes.

Experts in 2D / 3D CAD Measured Surveys .

SCAN to BIM (survey scan pointcloud to 3D Model). 

Land Topographical Surveys . GPS .

Boundary Dispute Surveys . Legal Mapping

Project Management

Pre-purchase Building Condition Survey reports – Residential & Commercial

Damp and Timber Inspection Reports (trained Property Care Association)

Condensation and Air Quality Inspections

Architectural Design – Planning & Building Control Stages

Daylight & Sunlight Reports for Planning purposes.

Experts in 2D / 3D CAD Measured Surveys .

Scan to BIM (pointcloud data in digital format) .

Land Topographical Surveys . GPS .

Boundary Dispute Surveys . Legal Mapping

Project Management

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